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Cherry Chia Pudding

Cherry Chia Pudding

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“Now that it's cherry season take advantage of it! Look, you eat a lot of chia puddings for breakfast so why not add some seasonal cherries to it? You are going to love it!”


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2 servings

Fresh ingredients

plant-based yogurt
plant-based yogurt

3/4 unit


12 units

Pantry ingredients

plant-based milk
plant-based milk

2 cups

chia seed
chia seed

8 tbsp


Mix the chia seeds, yogurt, and plant-based milk in a bowl and let it stand for a minimum of 10 minutes so that the seeds expand.
When it forms the texture of pudding, serve with the deseeded cherries on top.

Tips & Tricks

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For a coconut flavoring, use a coconut plant-based yogurt. We recommend you try this because the mixture will taste amazing. You can use plant-based or normal yogurt you want, but take care to choose a plain or unsweetened one to make it healthier.

If you would like to have breakfast ready when you wake up, you can leave it prepared the night before, that way in the morning the pudding will be perfect and you will only need to add the cherries.

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