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Beef Sauté with Bell Peppers and Onion

Beef Sauté with Bell Peppers and Onion

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“Would you like to finally use those beef fillets that you have in your refrigerator? Instead of cooking them in a skillet, like always, you can combine them with vegetables in a fun way. Don't be shy, it's really easy and you'll love it.”


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2 servings

Fresh ingredients

beef steak
beef steak

2 units

red bell pepper
red bell pepper

1 unit


1/2 unit

Pantry ingredients

olive oil
olive oil

1 tbsp

black pepper
black pepper

1 pinch

soy sauce
soy sauce

2 tbsp


Slice the beef and add salt and pepper to your liking. Add a drizzle of oil to a pan and add the beef. Cook over medium heat. Add a little soy sauce. After about 5 minutes put on a plate and cover to keep the warmth.
While the meat is cooking, slice the onion and bell pepper.
Add more oil to the same pan used to cook the beef (without cleaning it) and add the vegetables and cook for 7 minutes.
To finish, mix the vegetables and the beef in the pan and add more soy sauce. Sauté for several minutes before serving.

Tips & Tricks

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Decorate the plate with sesame seeds, and if you like spice, add a couple drops of your favorite hot sauce.

You can use yellow or green bell pepper, or a combination of both for this recipe.

Don't limit yourself to just these vegetables, you can add any that you have in your fridge.

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